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Impostor! Fly away now!

Two butterflies are about to have a showdown

Nefarious: It is I, Nefarious Purpus, now step away from my food Nervus Illnus!

Nervus: Oh my goodness! You startled me… what’s wrong with you Neffy old boy, calm down.

Nefarious: You Glassy Tigers are all the same, copying the look of the Plain Tigers and now, stealing our food too.

Nervus: First of all, you’re Orange, Black and white, whereas I am Black and white with a hint of Blue. Second of all I was just investigating an interesting flower, not stealing food.

Nefarious: Begone foul shade of hell! You’re just jealous because my kind, the Plain Tigers, were the first butterflies depicted in art… 3,500 years ago!

Nervus: Foul shade? Sounds exotic, I’ll take that as a compliment and as for the art, well done for being the first, that’s quite an achievement.

Nefarious: Leave my wide open fields, for they are my domain!

Nervus: You can keep your stinking field. Just for the record, this field actually stinks of buffalo doo-doo. I normally keep 5 feet above ground just because of that. I only came down to look at the flower.

Nefarious: A likely story impostor! You were just trying to escape predators by impersonating me!

Nervus: Neff… your kind really got it right when they made themselves unpalatable to predators by feeding on toxic plants like Milkweed. But is it so wrong that other butterflies escape a dreadful fate by trying to look like you? Is it such a crime?

Nefarious: It is you imbecile.. Oh wait, what’s happening? Oooh my head…. Oh hi Nervus, what am I doing here? The last thing I remember, I was sniffing around a bottle on a garbage dump and then everything went blank.

Nervus: Ah, I knew you were feeling out of sorts, old friend.

Nefarious: I don’t even know how I got here.

Nervus: Come on Neffy, let’s fly over to that puddle and grab a drink, and I’ll tell you all about your shenanigans.

Story of the Photo

Sri Lanka has quite a diverse population of butterflies and they are quite prevalent in and around the Mahoora Camps. Dilum captured this image by a lake, close to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu.




Much more than just a great place to stay

"Thanks to our guide Avinka we had five great safaris staying four nights just after reopening this February. The staff made us feel so very welcome during the entire stay.

The safaries are just wonderful, and having a great guide in your vehicle makes a big difference. Avinka can spot animals you would never see and we were even lucky enough to sight leopards on the trees, close to our vehicle, and also running through the field. The wildlife is so exciting that you will have a great experience even if you don‘t see any leopards. We also had a great driver, which is essential if you drive through difficult territory. You are being taken care of the entire time, so even for those who do safaris for the first time, you will always feel safe.

The camp itself is very comfortable, you get everything you can think of, and on top of the great food being served with so much attention and friendliness. You also get wonderful vegetarian and vegan options. They put on bonfires at night, which makes it unforgettable.
When booking and making plans, you get great support from the headquarters, even if it gets difficult since you have to change your plans.
The best thing what can happen to you at the end of a vacation is when you are a bit sad to leave the place, having experienced something to remember forever, and the team does everything for this to happen. Thank you so much"

Axel S wrote, Traveled with family
January 2021

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