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Mahoora & Swarovski partnership in Sri Lanka 

Eco Team - Sri Lanka  (the parent Company of Mahoora Camps) signed the official partnership agreement with Swarovski Optik to market its world-class product range of binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories in Sri Lanka in the year 2017. The world’s best optic brand for nature observation “Swarovski Optik” brings you closer to nature so that you can truly experience the preciousness of the moment and see the unseen. 

The whole product range is available in Sri Lanka through Eco Team & Mahoora Tented Safari Camps. 

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About the nature range of the binoculars :

Promoted globally as the “must-have” products for all tour guides, nature-based resorts and adventure tourists, Swarovski Optik is a perfect addition for nature trails, bird watching, hikes, and safaris. 

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Do I need my own binoculars when on safari? 

Our clients often ask us if it is really needed to have a pair of binoculars each when they go through the holiday packing list. And our answer has always been “Yes - you do. If you are already coming all the way to experience the wilderness in Sri Lanka, then why miss out on seeing everything up close and well?” 

Even though you are more than welcome to share our Safari Guide’s pair or what’s available in the Safari Jeep from time to time, we highly recommend you have a pair of binoculars on your own - at least one per couple. 

However, we have to say that in certain countries, Safari Guides do not allow sharing their own or other guests' binoculars. . 

What are the best binocular brands?

Some of the globally recommended brands are Swarovski (which is also on every tour guide’s wish list) Zeiss and Nikon are also well regarded as they are highly rated viewing gear. 

We recommend all our guests to have a pair of binoculars with them during their safari to enjoy their viewing experience to the fullest. A pair of very good binoculars certainly do make an entire world of difference between seeing the wild with clarity and seeing things in half light or at a great distance.

. Albeit brands like Swarovski would be more expensive, it’s a lifetime investment that also comes with a lifetime international warranty as well as a guaranteed lasting of a lifetime if looked after with care. 

To enjoy your safari experience in Sri Lanka, and to make it a hassle free one - we provide the opportunity for our guests to purchase their very own pair of Swarovski binoculars from us.


FAQs and general information to know: 

How big should a pair of binoculars be? 
Our answer to all our guests has been that the size of the pair of binoculars one must have when on safari should be based on what you are comfortable with to carry around with you. 

What’s the best binocular size and strength I should go for?
The size of the binoculars depend on the size of the front lens, for example, a pair of binoculars with a description of the lense 10 x 40 - would mean that 10 is the magnification power whilst 40 being the size of the front lens. 


How much should you pay for a pair of binoculars? 

Once again, being respectful of our client’s budgets as well as their willingness to carry around a pair of binoculars, we advise our guests to purchase a pair of binoculars not only for the amount of clarity it will bring, but also for the ability to enjoy your safari experience. 

Therefore, when purchasing, keep in mind the purpose of your visit [is this a general wildlife experience, birding safari etc.]  and do some research on which would be the best option to purchase. 


How can I buy one?

Mahoora Tented Safari camps in  Sri Lanka, can now provide you your brand new Swarovski binoculars at the arrival to the Mahoora Camp of your booking. The pair of binoculars also comes with an international warranty - proving this to be hassle free should you need any services when you go back home from your vacation.

And, as a Mahoora guest, you are entitled for a 10% discount for your purchase!  This is due to Eco Team Pvt Ltd, the owning company of Mahoora Tented Safari Camps being the exclusive distributor of Swarovski Optics in Sri Lanka. 

Check the Full Product Range and the Global Price List

Pre-order your world class Swarovski Binocular at 10% less now 



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Much more than just a great place to stay

"Thanks to our guide Avinka we had five great safaris staying four nights just after reopening this February. The staff made us feel so very welcome during the entire stay.

The safaries are just wonderful, and having a great guide in your vehicle makes a big difference. Avinka can spot animals you would never see and we were even lucky enough to sight leopards on the trees, close to our vehicle, and also running through the field. The wildlife is so exciting that you will have a great experience even if you don‘t see any leopards. We also had a great driver, which is essential if you drive through difficult territory. You are being taken care of the entire time, so even for those who do safaris for the first time, you will always feel safe.

The camp itself is very comfortable, you get everything you can think of, and on top of the great food being served with so much attention and friendliness. You also get wonderful vegetarian and vegan options. They put on bonfires at night, which makes it unforgettable.
When booking and making plans, you get great support from the headquarters, even if it gets difficult since you have to change your plans.
The best thing what can happen to you at the end of a vacation is when you are a bit sad to leave the place, having experienced something to remember forever, and the team does everything for this to happen. Thank you so much"

Axel S wrote, Traveled with family
January 2021

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