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Explorer by MahooraPrivate Tented Safari Camping Experience in Sinharaja

2 nights/ 3 days

Explorer by Mahoora is a highly unique and immersive experience of living with untamed Sri Lankan wildlife inside National Parks, Nature Reserves and on the borders of National Park/ Nature Reserves across the country. Our Private Tented Safarsinha01i Camp Experience in Sinharaja, isolates  you in a virgin age-old rain forest.

Being one of the last remaining and least disturbed biodiversity hotspots in Sri Lanka, you are likely to encounter rare sightings of fauna and flora alike.

 The magical setting in the silent wilderness where rustic flame torches light up and roar to the tune of the wind while the campfire dances alongside, under a starry sky… this  is the place to sit back and relax while we take care of you.

All food is freshly prepared at our campsite with an exclusively designed menu for our  guests.

Explorer by Mahoora is for the adventurer who is looking for a sense of comfort and glamour in the midst of wilderness. The tent (15.6’x 8’) is equipped with a bedroom and an en-suite bathroom along with a private veranda/porch outside the tent.

Day 1: Arrival at Sinharaja Rain Forest

Schedule for Day 1

  • Arrival at pre-agreed  meeting point at 12.30 hrs.

  • sinha02Lunch at Explorer by Mahoora campsite.

  • Forest walk after lunch.

A spectacularly varied walk that takes you through a rural village and scenic territory including a picturesque waterfall.

  • Back to the campsite: relaxation & leisure.

  • BBQ dinner around the campfire.

Day 2: Day at Explorer by Mahoora in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Schedule for Day 2

  • After early breakfast leave for forest exploration with packed lunch.

The trail takes you on a path that is best for observing flocks of birds, especially those that rare and endemic. The presence of mixed species of forging birds flocks, a phenomenon uniquely found in rainforests, have been observed. The rare birds are the Red-faced Malkoha, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, the Ashy-headed Babbler and the White-headed Starling. The Green-billed Coucal is considered the rarest.

  • sinha03Lunch to be taken in a suitable location.

  • After lunch continue to observe the forest.

  • Back to the campsite: relaxation & leisure.

  • BBQ dinner around the campfire.

Day 3: Departure - Explorer by Mahoora at Sinharaja Rain Forest

Schedule for Day 3

  • Leave for forest exploration with packed breakfast.

  • Back to the campsite.

  • Departure from Explorer by Mahoora.

-End of Tour-



Optional programme for Day 2 & Day 3

If you are looking for a more adventurous trail, we offer another programme for Day 2 and Day 3.

Day 1 will remain same as above.

Day 2

Day 3

  • After early breakfast leave for forest exploration with packed lunch.

  • Leave for forest exploration with packed breakfast.

 The trail takes you across Sinharaja rain forest from Weddagala to Lankagama via Sinhagala on a 22 km journey, taking approximately 7 hours. This Journey through the jungle can vary from soft and moderate treks to short steep climbs, passing Kudawa research centre on a flat terrain, to dense forests climbing to Sinhagala. The rest of the journey is a descending trail on a narrow footpath. Streams and water bodies are aplenty throughout this trail. A dip in fresh water is greatly rewarding and refreshing.

  • Lunch to be taken in a suitable location  during the trail.

  • Back to the Lodge.

  • Arrival at the Lodge for dinner.

  • Departure.


Sinharaja Rainforest

A virgin age-old rainforest like Sinharaja does not come without its fair share of vibrant history. The name itself translates into the ‘Kingdom of the Lion’ and according to legend, Sri Lankans are said to be descendants of the coupling of a princess and the lion king who lived in this forest.  Being one of the last remaining and least disturbed biodiversity hotspots in Sri Lanka, the Sinharaja Rainforest was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and then a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. It is Sri Lanka's first nature reserve to earn this esteemed distinction.

This unique forest covers an area of approximately 11,200 hectares, measuring 21 kilometres from east to west, and just less than 4 kilometres from north to south. The elevation of the Sinharaja Reserve ranges from 200 to 1,300 metres. It has a rolling terrain and the Hinipitigala Peak is the tallest, rising up to approximately 1,150 metres.

Preliminary studies on the fauna of Sinharaja have revealed that there is a high degree of endemism among butterflies, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Ninety five percent of Sri Lanka’s endemic birds are present in Sinharaja; making it a birding expedition unlike any other. Another interesting sight to be found in Sinharaja is the presence of mixed species of foraging bird flocks, a phenomenon commonly found in rainforests.  The rare endemic birds which can be seen in the Sinharaja Rainforest are the Red-faced Malkoha, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, the Ashy-headed Babbler and the White-headed Starling. The Green–billed Coucal has been given the title of being the rarest of Sri Lankan birds.

Although elephants were said to be common in the past, there have been fewer reported sightings in the Sinharaja Rainforest during the past 15 years. There is a small herd of Sri Lankan elephants that reside here but is rarely seen. Other animals that have been spotted are the Sambar Deer, the Mouse Deer and Barking Deer.


Fact Sheet - Explorer by Mahoora
  • sinha061A tent (15.6’x8’) with accommodation, an en-suite bathroom, and a veranda/porch.

  • Tented accommodation with raised beds with freshly laundered bed linen and a bedside table.

  • Fully-sealed tent with ventilation nets.

  • Veranda/porch is equipped with a shoe rack, two foldable arm chairs and a small coffee table.

  • One rechargeable table top fan is provided in the bedroom tent.

  • A rechargeable lantern is provided for illumination.   

En-Suite Bathroom
  • En-suite flushable toilet with pipe-borne water, wash basin, and shower area.

  • Toiletries on complimentary basis.

Treakking Trails 
  • sinha06Mulawella Trail  (Half Day trail)

  • Research Center Trail  (Half Day trail)

  • Sinhagala Trail  (Full Day trail)

  • Lankagama Trail [crossing over Sinharaja Rain Forest]

Food & Beverage Service
  • Pre-dinner wine and beer around the campfire.

  • For breakfast, Continental and Sri Lankan dishes including fresh juices are available.

  • Freshly prepared Sri Lankan lunch at the camp.

  • Five course dinner menu with signature dishes, including a BBQ around the campfire.

  • Unlimited tea/coffee, fresh fruits, snacks, juices, soft drinks, and water will be provided.

Safari Attire & Necessities
  • Attire of earthly coloured garments are recommended during the Safari.

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent creams are necessary items to carry.

  • Please note that Sri Lanka’s weather is affected by many factors such as depressions and cyclones in the Indian Ocean. The weather is subject to sudden change.

Value Additions - 2 Nights or more 
  • Opportunity to meet villagers from a rural village

    • Participate, observe and learn their traditional crafts including how to make fish tail palm syrup.

Campsite/Lounge/Common Area
  • Special dinner settings in the camp are arranged. Each meal will be given at a carefully selected location with a unique illuminated setting.

  • Snacks are provided at the lounge/common area.

  • Emergency phones are provided per tent (on signal availability).

  • Limited opportunities for charging mobiles, laptop and digital camera charging. Clients are advised to have stand by options.

Family Tent Arrangement
  • Children of any age are welcome.

  • Only one extra bed can be accommodated in a Tent

[Totaling a maximum of 3 single beds].

  • Please refer the child policy in the rate card for the rates and supplements.

  • If there are 2 or more children where 50% of the per person adult rate is applicable, an additional tent will be provided at an extra charge.

Please Note
  • Air-conditioning is not available.

  • Phone signal availability – subject to the area and the service provider

  • Distance from cities - by road:

    • Colombo - 171ƒ.9 km - travel time 4 hrs 20 minutes

    • Galle -  93.4 km - travel time  2 hrs 33 mins

    • Kataragama - 128.5 km - travel time 3 hrs 35 mins

    • Ella - 156.6 km - travel time 4 hrs 30 mins

    • Udawalawe - 72.5 km - travel time  2 hrs 14 mins






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B E S T   R A T E S   G U A R A N T E E D !


Much more than just a great place to stay

"Thanks to our guide Avinka we had five great safaris staying four nights just after reopening this February. The staff made us feel so very welcome during the entire stay.

The safaries are just wonderful, and having a great guide in your vehicle makes a big difference. Avinka can spot animals you would never see and we were even lucky enough to sight leopards on the trees, close to our vehicle, and also running through the field. The wildlife is so exciting that you will have a great experience even if you don‘t see any leopards. We also had a great driver, which is essential if you drive through difficult territory. You are being taken care of the entire time, so even for those who do safaris for the first time, you will always feel safe.

The camp itself is very comfortable, you get everything you can think of, and on top of the great food being served with so much attention and friendliness. You also get wonderful vegetarian and vegan options. They put on bonfires at night, which makes it unforgettable.
When booking and making plans, you get great support from the headquarters, even if it gets difficult since you have to change your plans.
The best thing what can happen to you at the end of a vacation is when you are a bit sad to leave the place, having experienced something to remember forever, and the team does everything for this to happen. Thank you so much"

Axel S wrote, Traveled with family
January 2021

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