Memoirs of a mugger crocodile housewife

Udawalawe National Park

Fun Facts

“I know I’m not as big as my saltie cousin, but where I lack in brawn, I make up for in brains! I’m one of the first reptiles to use culinary tools, by setting traps for birds. My easy dinner recipe for quick water bird is quite famous with my family and especially good around the nesting holiday season; just balance sticks and branches on your head to lure birds looking for nesting material and voila! Instant, freshly-caught bird! Works every time! I do have a family recipe for deer as well – leave it to rot for a few days, while wedged underwater, before pulling it apart. It’s all about getting that right texture – I personally call it croc sous vide.”


Did you know?

“My name – Mugger – is actually a corruption from an Indian word that means ‘water monster’! Although technically speaking, I’m a living dinosaur, unchanged over 65 million years. In today’s world, my general lifespan usually guarantees I make it to my 40th birthday. Although if you’re talking about having kids, 40 years is much too late! The females of my species reach sexual maturity around 6.5 years. Having a good nest is so important these days as well, as the temperature of the nest determines whether I’ll have sons or daughters! If the nest is about 32.50°C the babies will all be male, but going higher or lower makes them all female! This is why it’s all about location, location, location.”



“I like living in freshwater lakes, rivers and marshes, and prefer slow-moving, shallow water bodies across Sri Lanka, most notably at Wilpattu, Yala and Bundala. Sometimes I move to artificial reservoirs and irrigation canals as a change of pace.”


Amazing experience - great company values

We had a wonderful stay at yala camp - great accommodation / food / safari. The staff were all outstanding - all full of passion for their role to make sure we had an unforgettable experience and absolutely committed to providing an ethical product. This company provides a perfect safari experience - no plastics / sustainable / local produce / knowledgeable committed staff. An honour to be a guest and support them."

J K wrote, Traveled as a couple
December 2019

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