Sri Lankan Jackal

Kumana National Park

Where to find them 

The Sri Lankan jackal can be found throughout the island - but however is less prevalent in the higher mountainous areas whilst they can be found in abundance all national parks, dry zones and also in marshy areas including Thalangama wetlands, Bolgoda Lake in Colombo and Muthurajawela which is around 20 kilometers North of Colombo. This image of the Sri Lankan jackal was captured by our inhouse naturalist Mindaka Mahela, at the Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka. 

Fun facts

This golden jackal, Canis aureus naria are observed to be monogamous when females mate, and they would fiercely defend the territory from other females - restricting access of female intruders to the males, thereby not sharing him and preventing his paternal investment in another family of jackals. Usually a jackal family will include the cubs and one or two adults who are called ‘helpers’ who once they reach sexual maturity, continue living with the parents for about a year. They do not breed, but help their parents in rearing the next litter. 

Lesser known facts

One of the serious concerns to their population is the spread of natural diseases including rabies and distemper which increases their mortality rate. Another issue faced by these jackals are, the hunting and persecution as livestock predators and pests by the locals. The final threat to their existence is the turning of their natural habitat into industrial areas and agricultural lands by the authorities, which leads to decline in habitat and food shortages. 



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