The lure of a thousand eyes

The mesmerising charm of the Playboy Peacock

May2021 1

A thousand eyes turn and dance

A lovestruck soul, enchanted in a trance

The day softens, emotions flow
Where and when cease to exist, feelings grow
Strong, unstoppable, driven to certainty 
An iridescent curtain of eyes, drapes delicately
Eyes to keep out eyes, from a moment so intimate
Every soul in the world can relate
The spell breaks, and they part ways without a glance
A thousand eyes, again, turn and dance...

Fun Facts

In the world of the Indian Peafowl, size really does matter, and with good reason! During the mating season, Peahens traditionally prefer to mate with Peacocks with the largest displays and - although this may seem superficial - there appears to be sound evidence behind it. Research has revealed that Peacocks with more ornamentation, fathered offspring with healthier weight, better survival traits and greater intelligence. Probably one of the few instances, ever, where it’s good to be the biggest showoff!

Story of the photo

Mahoora photographer Shiraz Hameed captured this intimate moment at Yala National Park in close proximity to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp. Entranced by the sheer beauty of the Peacock, he almost forgot to click his camera, but fortunately for all of us, he got this gorgeous shot!