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The Romeo of Nelumwila

Wilpattu National Park

Ears pointed forward, eyes focused on a target in the distance this spotted killing machine is getting ready for a hunt. This is one of the largest male leopards seen in the Wilpattu National park. Known with the frequent visitors as the male of Nelumvila this gorgeous predator is close to 4 years old. He’s seen courting many females around the park and has made his territory around Nelumwila and expanding the territory day by day.

The leopard subspecies you can see in Sri Lanka is physically larger due to being the top predator in the wilderness. These solitary hunters can be seen dosing off on tree tops after a big meal. Mahoora Tented Safari camps, Wilpattu offers an amazing safari experience for the guests with a personal naturalist so you won’t miss opportunities like this.


Amazing experience - great company values

We had a wonderful stay at yala camp - great accommodation / food / safari. The staff were all outstanding - all full of passion for their role to make sure we had an unforgettable experience and absolutely committed to providing an ethical product. This company provides a perfect safari experience - no plastics / sustainable / local produce / knowledgeable committed staff. An honour to be a guest and support them."

J K wrote, Traveled as a couple
December 2019

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