Blue Magpie Inharaja Rain Forest

The Sri Lanka Blue Magpie - Fashionista of the Sinharaja Rain Forest

A treasure trove of endemic birds, the Sinharaja Rain Forest is one of the best places to catch a sighting of the gorgeous Sri Lanka Blue Magpie. Measuring between 42 and 47 cm, this Blue Magpie is larger than a mynah but smaller than a crow; just the right size to dominate the dense forest canopy. On every birder's checklist of endemic birds of Sri Lanka, this stylish bird sports bright blue plumage, a reddish-brown head, and a long, graduated blue tail with a fashionable white tip. The look is further accessorised by a vibrant red bill, legs, feet, and eye rings - move over, fashion models!


Survival is no joke for these birds. They hop around the canopy like ninjas, using their strong legs and feet to forage. They've even been caught hanging upside down, showcasing their impressive grip. They mainly love going after insects, frogs, and small lizards, but they're not averse to a fruity snack or a sneakily stolen egg either. Unfortunately, its ninja-like behaviour does not extend beyond the canopy of the forest. When it comes to flying long distances, it's almost like a comedy sketch. The antics and acrobatics of a Blue Magpie out in the open offer a comical display, providing birders with a few laughs. Although much of its habitat has been destroyed across the island, this magpie’s ability to tolerate humans has led to a growth in population rather than a decline. In fact they are so adaptable (and crafty even), that some are known to hang around the trails hoping to be fed by people!

So get your binos and cameras ready, and go bird watching in Sri Lanka with Explorer by Eco Team in the Sinharaja Rain Forest, and witness the gorgeous Sri Lanka Blue Magpie in all its avian glory. 


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