Ever seen a tipsy bear?  Sri Lanka Wilderness Updates

The tipsy black?

This comical little furball is a Sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), Or “Walaha” as commonly known in Sri Lanka. 

Ever seen a tipsy bear? Well if you come between July to September you just might be able to! Palu is a tree that bears a fruit that's irresistible to the Sloth! They eat so much of it and get a little intoxicated by it. Apart from “Pallu” fruit their omnivorous diet can include bee honey, insects, termites and other small animals. Don’t be deceived by their slow lazy movements, If and when required they can run faster than an average human and climb trees with ease.


Smaller than their cousins in other parts of the world like the Grizzly bear and the Polar bear but highly endangered due to the depletion of their habitats. It's estimated that there are less than 1000 bears in Sri Lanka at present. 

There are many conservation movements currently ongoing to save the Sloth Bear from extinction. You and your clients can also join the efforts in protecting this animal for future generations and enjoy entertaining sights of this nature. It’s not easy to spot a Sloth bear but the best chances you have is in Yala or Wilpattu national parks. 


Sri Lanka has an amazing plethora of things to offer visitors. Among many picturesque destinations and marvellous historic constructions, wildlife and nature reserves take a front seat due to the incredible biodiversity you can observe in this small island. Hope you enjoy the stories from the Ceylon wilderness experienced first hand by the properties of Eco TEam.

Ceylon Wilderness Updates


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"From the moment we were picked up to the moment we sadly had to leave, Mahoora staff provided us with an experience we will never forget. We did 2 safaris, 1 afternoon and 1 the next morning. So lucky to witness leopard up close and be able to watch her hunt!!! 

 All staff at the camp are to be highly commended. We loved every minute of it and hope to be back for longer next time"
The Allan Family, Australia
April 2018

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