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"Great Experience
Stayed for one night with family. The whole experience was magical. Staff were brilliant, food excellent, game drives superb
Arriana - Edinburugh - UK - Stayed May 2017, traveled with family "

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"Luxury Glamping Safari
We visited as part of our honeymoon and did the 2 night elite/honeymoon package. The tent is very luxurious for camping!
Katie R - Melbourne - Australia - Stayed April 2017, traveled as a couple"

Mahoora tented safari camps Yala

Mahoora tented safari Yala - Sri Lanka

With Mahoora tented safari camps, visitors can stay until just after dark inside the park, thus maximizing the chances of a leopard encounter. The male leopards display a sleek confidence and are often seen walking the tracks during the day. 

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tusker at udawalawe

Mahoora tented safari Udawalawe - Sri Lanka

The Udawalawe National Park is the only place where an elephant sighting is guaranteed on every single safari drive. There are around 600 to 700 Sri Lankan Elephants in this wildlife park and it is not unusual to see large herds gather to drink water and feed. 

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sloth bear at wilpattu

Mahoora tented safari Wilpattu - Sri Lanka

Big Game safari at Wilpattu Sri Lanka of the 31 species of mammals residing within Wilpattu four are threatened. These are the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard and the Water Buffalo.

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Mahoora Accommodation Options

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National Parks, sanctuaries and nature reserves abound on this compact little island nation, each offering a plethora of unique landscapes and a stunning variety of both endemic and migratory wildlife. While leopards, elephants and sloth bears are among the favourites of the terrestrial animals to be witnessed in the wild, Sri Lanka also has a vast range of bird species, numerous amphibians and an immense variety of reptiles resident in its wilds.

Something can be found to suit every wildlife enthusiast's palate here, and since Sri Lanka is a small island, you will find that you can squeeze in a multitude of activities in just one single holiday.

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No matter how many times it is said, it remains true 
Sri Lanka is a land like no other.
She is a land of surprises, of tremendous natural beauty 
and her people comprise a melting pot of cultures 
that have contributed to what she is today.

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YalaYala National Park Sri Lanka 
Highest leopard population of the world

UdawalaweUdawalawe National Park Sri Lanka
An elephant sighting guranteed

WilpattuWilpattu National Park Sri Lanka
Leopards and diverse wildlife

WasgamuwaWasgamuwa National Park Sri Lanka
Sloth bears and elephants

BundalaBundala National Park Sri Lanka
Birdslife at its best

GalOyaGal Oya National Park Sri Lanka
Boat safaris and swimming elephants



Sinharaja Rain ForesrtSinharaja Rain Forest Sri Lanka
Incredible endemic birds, plants, animals

Knuckles Mountain rangeKnuckles Mountai Range Sri Lanka
Walking safaris for wildlie and scenery

MinneriyaMinneriya National Park Sri Lanka
Elephant gathering in large herds

Kumana National ParkKumana National Park Sri Lanka
Beautiful aquatic birdlife

Horton Plains ntional parkHorton Plains National Park Sri Lanka
Endemic wildlife and scenic trails


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Leopard safaris at Yala National Park - Sri Lanka

Yala West, often referred to as the Ruhuna National Park, is well recognized as one of the best locations in the world to observe and photograph leopards in the wild. It has been confirmed that the Yala National Park has the highest density of leopards to be found anywhere in the world and is as much as one leopard per square kilometer. Though the prevalence of the Sri Lankan leopard population is high (300-350 leopards in total, of which 30-50 roam around Block I), it still takes a well trained eye to observe these elusive big cats in action, as well as to know when and where to look for one - and that is where the experienced guides at Mahoora come in.


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Excellent photographer's package

"Amazing experience. We'd been on safaris before so was immensely happy that the photographer's package included our own jeep and a naturalist guide who's also a photographer!"
James - Sydney - Australia
January 2017

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