A Global Bird - The Common Snipe

A Global Bird - The Common Snipe

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Fun Facts

The male Common Snipe performs a ‘winnowing’, generally referred to their display of courtship by circling high and then diving, which produces a distinctive sound as the air flows over their specially modified feathers. In addition to their mating dance, the long pointed bill of the Common snipe helps it probe in the mud for snails, small crustaceans, insects, larvae and earthworms whilst it also consumes certain plant matter.

Lesser Known Facts

All snipes nest on the ground except the New Zealandic Snipe, who uses burrows of other birds to nest. The female lays three to four olive brown eggs in the hollow grass-lined nests, and incubates these eggs for about 19 to 20 days. The young are fed by both their parents and learn to fly within 2 weeks and then proceed to leave the nest almost immediately after they are able to fly.

Where To Find Him

The common snipes breed from Alaska to Newfoundland South to the Mid-United States. During the winter periods, they breed from northern South America to British Columbia, the northern Gulf States and Virginia. They can also be found in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia.

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