Joey doesn’t share food!

Joey doesn’t share food!

Solitary by nature, this big guy can be nastier than Joey when it comes to sharing food. But unlike Joey, the leopard is not a sociable creature.

Clearly the anti-sharing sentiment works for our feline friend, as he has grown to be one of the largest of his kind in the Wilpattu National Park. A teenager by leopard standards, this 4 year old has another trait similar to his TV counterpart - he is quite the ladies man and is often seen charming the spots off the opposite sex! The Nelumwila area has been his Central Perk for sometime, so you can almost ocertainly spot him if you head that way. But this young cat is just starting out, so expect to see him in other parts of the Park while you’re on safari as he grows his territory day by day.

Fun Facts

Unlike Joey, who was always hanging out with his friends, leopards are solitary by nature and not sociable creatures. But this top predator has one more trait in common with humans - soon after a big meal like this, he tends to amble off and find a nice big tree branch to fall asleep on. After all, who doesn’t like a nice nap after a good meal?

Story of the Photo

Sometimes, leopards take breaks from their meal, so spotting a half eaten carcass is almost as good as spotting the leopard itself, because you know it’s going to be back to finish it off! Photo ace Hasitha came across this carcass not too far from where the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu is located, but had to wait a while for our slumbering “Joey” to turn up and finish what he started. The young leopard, however, was not too pleased at having an audience gawk at him while he ate, so he expressed his displeasure with a few angry growls and proceeded to drag his meal into the bush, but not before Hasitha got a few nice clicks in!

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