Being a good Salty 101

Being a good Salty 101

“Good morning little crocodilians! Now, settle down, we’re about to begin class.”

“Right my little Saltwater Crocodile babies, first off, the basics. You can eat anything you want, but no matter what your parents say, just don’t eat humans. Yes, I know they’re dumb and stupid and easier to catch than Spotted Deer or Sambar, but they’re incredibly unhealthy creatures. Have you seen what they eat? Just stick to the delicious forest creatures and you’ll grow big and strong. Also, Fish. Don’t forget fish, lots of great nutrition there. What was that Mortimer? Tin cans and plastic? Heavens no! When I said eat anything I meant living things, not every bit of nonsense that comes floating down the river.”

Fun Facts

“Now, normally, communicating your feelings and putting your thoughts into words is a very good thing. But as the great crocodilian playwright William Saltyspear said, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ and sometimes a few noises will be more than enough to communicate a whole lot of things. For example, if you little ones are in trouble, just give out some high pitched barking noises and we’ll be there to help you. As you grow older, you can threaten intruders by mimicking our cousins the Snakes and hissing so that the intruders will scuttle away. Stop hissing at your brother Mortimer. Now, when you become adults, you can learn to give out an attractive growl to attract potential mates. That’s enough Mortimer! Stop growling at me, I said adults, you can do it when you are an adult. Honestly this child will be the death of me.”

Story of the photo

This gorgeous photo was taken by Gavin at the estuary of the Kirindi Oya river, which is a short drive away from the Explorer by Mahoora campsite at Bundala National Park and prime territory for these fearsome giants.

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