Oh.. find me my match...from the depth of the jungle..

Online dating profile of a young Leopard.

Name: Strawberry

Age/Sex/Location: 3 Years, Female, Wilpattu

Interested in: Males

A little bit about myself:

This is the first time I’m doing this online dating thing, so it’s a bit scary. I’m 3 years old, fun loving, an avid tree climber and a great deer hunter. I’ve been living in my mum’s territory all my life, but she just had a new litter and as much as I love my new brothers and sisters, I need my own space. I’m looking to move out and get a territory of my own, nothing too big, just 100 acres or so with a lake and a nice view. My ideal male would be big and strong, a real Leopard’s Leopard, but also sensitive and finds time to listen and understand his mate. My best features are my eyes, or so I have been told, and my spots, which are awesome when it comes to camouflage games.

Fun Facts

I love working out! Recently I got on a strict lean-down diet and scared all the rangers and even the people at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp. They all thought I was starving and going to die. LOLS. I was just getting my body fat down before I packed on some sweet muscle, in all the right places. I’m really happy with the shape I’m in right now!

Story of the Photo

This pretty leopard was gracious enough to pose for Shiraz when he passed by during his safari in Wilpattu National Park. She didn’t seem startled at all by the noise of the jeep and even seemed quite curious about the device with the funny clicking noises being pointed at her.

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