Leopard Spotting In Sri Lanka…The Easy Way

Leopard Spotting In Sri Lanka…The Easy Way

What would you say if I tell you that I can show you “Aragog” and “Kermit” living together?? Would you believe it? Well… why don't you come down to Sri Lanka and take a walking safari through our world famous rainforest - Sinhajara - with one of the naturalists while staying with Explorer by Eco Team - Mobile Tented Camps Sinharaja, and you will most probably get a chance to see this.

Its Leopards, Leopards and more Leopards… Doesn't that get you excited? The graceful feline wandering on the sandy road in Yala National Park at sunset … golden light of the evening sun in perfect harmony with its beautiful skin...actually, that’s every safari goer's dream shot…for his or her Instagram story. .

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