You again! Looking for more embarrassing photos, are you?

You again! Looking for more embarrassing photos, are you?

Stumbling upon a Brown Fish Owl on the outskirts of Wilpattu National Park.

“I remember when you took my picture in January. I was soaking wet and my beautiful chestnut brown feathers were a bedraggled mess! You just snapped my picture and wrote about me in that newsletter of yours. That wasn’t you? So sorry, allow me to introduce myself, Owlpacino, nocturnal fish hunter extraordinaire! You haven’t heard of me? Maybe a nap with the fishes will change that... haha, just a joke. I am the stuff of legends amongst rodents, reptiles and some other birds too. They call me… The-Last-Shadow-Under-the-Moon. Still nothing? Nevermind, take my picture but get my good side so that the black streaks and brown crossbars in my feathers show up nicely.”

Fun Facts

“Aren’t you glad you live in Sri Lanka? I know I am. Anywhere else in the world, my species is endangered. But over here, we thrive! Lots of lakes and ponds and trees everywhere. Great places to eat, mate and grow. Speaking of which, it’s November, and mating season just started, so time's a-wastin! If you need to chat with me again, you can find me near the fish filled waterholes around the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu! Ta-ta!

Story of the Photo

This beautiful Brown Fish Owl obligingly posed for some photographs when Dilum encountered him on a morning safari in Wilpattu National Park.

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