I am one with everything

I am one with everything

A calming encounter with a Rhino-horned lizard

“I see your mind is troubled. Follow my way and all will be well. First, relocate your home to the heady heights of the Cloud Forests. The air is pure, the weather is cool, and there are plenty of trees. The trees are key, you see. They are great places to sit and meditate, and they also have huge tufts of moss which offer protection. When you understand meditation you will be one with the forest. Look at me, my body’s green and brown colours blend in beautifully with the bark of the tree, making me one with it.”

Fun Facts

“You’re wondering about my horn. It’s actually a decorative thing. I don’t use it to skewer my prey or attack anyone. Actually, my defence mechanism is quite simple. If I feel threatened by anything, I just open my mouth wide and the bright orange lining in my mouth scares them away. As for prey, sometimes I have to scuttle down to the forest floor to get them. When I do that, I change my colour to have more browns so that I am one with the leafy floor and that way, no one sees me! So you see, being one with everything really does solve all problems.”

Story of the Photo

Visitors to Explorer by Eco Team in the Horton Plains National Park have a great opportunity to encounter rarely seen wildlife. The Rhino-horned lizard is one such creature that is found in this area. This shot of the lizard was taken quite close to the campsite by Dilum.

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