I’m so sorry, did I scare you?

“Allow me to introduce myself, Quentin Trumpetino - Sri Lanka Bush Warbler, at your service! Actually I am somewhat of an introvert, so I too am quite surprised that I am talking to you. Usually I flit away when anyone approaches - man, woman, animal, other birds etc. Not a sociable creature… a ha ha ha (nervous laughter)! I suppose that’s why I love dense bushes and spend most of my time there. I don’t know what made me come out in the open and into a sunny area at that! Did I mention I hate the heat? No? Well I do. That’s why I only stick to the highlands. Nothing like the cool life above 1,200m!”

Fun Facts

“Oh, and yes, back to the queet! That ear splitting sound is the only way you will really know that I’m there. I mean, look at me. Brown back, pale grey underparts, grey eyebrows… perfect camouflage for the undergrowth. Even the orange tinge on my throat is not really visible to you, unless I’m completely out of the bushes. By the way, we all look the same. Guys and gals, I mean. Can’t tell us apart. Us warblers can, of course. Otherwise it would lead to some awkward situations, if you know what I mean… a ha ha ha!”

Story of the Photo

An expedition with Explorer by Mahoora into the quieter parts of the highlands is your best bet to catch a glimpse of this elusive bird. Dilum captured this photo at Horton Plains National Park, when the warbler left the comfort of the bushes for some reason and was happily serenading everyone.

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