“Well hello there little human!”

“Well hello there little human!”

A mama buffalo is in a welcoming mood

“Meet my son Bulldozer. I named him that because he’s half-asleep all the time. Haha, get it? He’ll grow up to be a proper bull just like his father Dirty Harry, perhaps you’ve met him? I just hope he doesn’t inherit the same temper. Nothing funny about an angry 6 foot tall 1,200 kg Sri Lankan wild water buffalo lowering its horns and charging at you! Harry does that for fun. I’ve done it too, but only to chase off those nasty leopards. The rest of the time, I just love wallowing and chilling in a muddy waterhole with my girls. You know what? The world would be an awesome place if everyone just learned to chill!”

Fun Facts

"I’m going to miss my baby soon. When they get older, the boys leave the herd and stick together in gangs and roam around. They get all aggressive with other animals and people too. Maybe they get upset because us ladies have longer horns? I know that boys have this thing about length. Haha. But that’s not the worst of it, at some point they get territorial and all friendships are out. They fight with each other, and it gets brutal and bloody! But that’s a long time away and for now, he’s my little baby and I love to fuss over him. Well, thanks for stopping by, it was really nice chatting with you!”

Story of the Photo

Wild buffalos are a common sight in the waterholes close to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Yala and aren’t generally concerned about people… as long as they keep their distance. Dilum got a nice shot of this mum and her calf when he was on an afternoon safari in Yala National Park.

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