Behold me! I am the Ghost who walks!

Behold me! I am the Ghost who walks!

A Ghost Crab pontificates about his abilities

“Hey there! Can I call you Betty? Well Betty, my nickname is The Phantom, because one moment I’m there and the next, poof, I’m gone! Want to be like me? Stay on the beach! I have a burrow with two entrances and I can swim. So at the slightest hint of danger - a shadow or a whisper - I’m gone… into my burrow or the sea, whatever is closest and if both are far away, I just burrow into the sand, easy peasy! Also, by staying on the beach, I find lots of food. There’s carrion, small animals, sea turtle eggs and hatchlings, clams, and even other crabs to feast on. This golden sandy beach makes life a picnic! Beach life forever!”

Fun Facts

“Another way I vanish is by running away! Yes I have 8 legs, 4 on each side, but it may surprise you to know that I use less of them when I need more speed. 4 pairs to walk, 3 pairs for running and 2 pairs to engage warp speed and transcend the multiverse! Poof, I’m gone. I am also great at camouflage. Not as quick as my friend Olly the Octopus, but nevertheless, one moment you see me, then a little while later…. gone. That’s why I got the name The Phantom! But Betty, when you see me next, you can call me Al.”

Story of the Photo

Whilst staying at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Yala, Dilum was out on a full day safari when he stopped for lunch by the beach. After the break, he was taking a walk along the beach when he spotted this skittish little Ghost Crab evaluating him with a quizzical look.

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