Flamingo Vogue - January Edition

Flamingo Vogue - January Edition

Well, we’re off to Sri Lanka this month to follow the A-list Greater Flamingos, as they holiday and party the night away in the place-to-be this season - Mannar!

Patricia Stiltwalker is sporting a wonderful plumage this year and we managed to grab a few seconds out of her ever-so-busy social life to ask her a few questions.

“So Patricia, tell us your secret to looking so faaabulous all the time?”

“Well daaarling, you are what you eat and I only eat the best shrimp, molluscs and insects that Edgar can find“

“O-M-G, did you remarry? How did we miss that? You must tell us all about it and how you dumped moneybags Cholmondeley?”

“Oh no, Chumsy and I are very much in love and together daaarling. Edgar is my new birdservant. I don’t want to get my beak dirty you see, trawling through all that mud. The gorgeous black tip on my beak is a thing of beauty and should never be sullied with all that muck. Edgar does all the… dirty work for me.. aha ahaha...ahahaha”

Fun Facts

“We understand that there is a new arrival in the family. Do tell us more.”

“Ooooh daaarling, little Delilah is a wingful. But I must tell you, having just one child a year is a blessing. I don’t know how we would handle two babies. Haha, two eggs. Bloody unlikely for our kind. She’s in the creche at the moment with her nanny. Pop by later and you could snap a picture of the whole family with a nice sunset behind us. Afterwards, do join us for dinner, we’re going shrimping. Sven, that’s Chumsy’s birdservant, and Edgar will pick out the choicest morsels for us”.

Story of the Picture

In 2019, whilst staying at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp on the borders of the Wilpattu National Park, wildlife photographer Kushan set off on a hunch to nearby Mannar Island and captured this beautiful picture of Patricia & Cholmondeley and their birdservants searching for dinner.

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