Ode to my prey

Ode to my prey

An Asian Water Monitor sings

Inspired by “Be Prepared” by Scar from the movie The Lion King

You didn’t see me crawl out of the water

You can run, oh but would you survive?

You may think my bowed legs are useless

A surprise, when I catch you mid-stride

My claws tear through you with a vengeance

Serrated teeth adding to your despair

And you think, I could’ve climbed a tree

But I would have FOLLOWED YOU THERE!

My forked tongue, will sniff you out, anywhere

So here’s some sensational news!

I’m an apex predator

Who’s tiptoeing nearer (to you)

At plants I will sneer

In my black’n’yellow gear

I know it sounds sordid

But meat’s so rewarding

The only advice I’d give you

When a water monitor is near

Be prepaaaaaaaared!

Story of the Photo

Dilum was out on a walk by one of the many water holes close to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu, when he spotted this stealthy predator serenading his prey. Dilum was so enthralled by the song that he only remembered to snap a shot as the monitor was swimming away.

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