“Pay no attention to that man”

“Pay no attention to that man”

A Toque Macaque pacifies and advises her scared child.

“Humans like to watch us. I don’t know why, but they just do. As long as you don’t steal their food, like some of the naughty uncles and aunties in our troop, they will love you and even feed you. Don’t eat everything they give you though, just eat the fruits and then add in some flowers, mushrooms and some mice and squirrels too. If you can’t eat everything, stuff it into your cheek pouches and pull them out to eat later. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy life! Anyway, that’s advice for when you grow up. Right now, you’re my little baby to spoil.”

Fun Facts

“Until you’re an adult, you are not allowed to be on the ground without me or another adult to supervise you, got that? Even when you are grown, you have to be careful when foraging on the ground. Those nasty leopards could be anywhere! The safest places for us monkeys are the temples. Yes, I know I told you that trees are the safest; but in temples you will find the kindest humans, absolutely no leopards or other predators, and loads of fruit laid out for us to eat. That’s why so many of our monkey troops hang out there. Why don’t we go to one now? That way you can soon get used to humans staring at you.”

Story of the Photo

Found almost everywhere on the Island, Toque Macaques are common visitors to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp grounds and not at all bothered by human presence. This cute picture of a mum and child however, was captured by Dilum up in the hills of Badulla while on a family vacation.

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