Is there a stranded puppy up in the trees?

Is there a stranded puppy up in the trees?

An odd call will pique your curiosity

Relaxing at your tent at a Mahoora Tented Safari Camp, you are quite likely to hear a strange puppy-froggy-bark-croak up in the trees. As you put on your detective hat and track down the source, your sharp eyes will settle on… a bird. A stern bristle-mustachioed-schoolmaster-looking owl in fact, who is quite justifiably annoyed at being woken up outside of its nocturnal hours. Meet the Indian Scops Owl - scourge of little lizards, mice, insects and even other small birds.

Fun Facts

This owl is a stickler for privacy! Its camouflage is made up of a range of browns, some blacks, some dusky greens and a hint of yellow - quite like a frumpy old schoolmaster’s dress code. This and its love for living in densely foliaged forests and woods makes it really hard to spot during the daytime. The only thing that gives it away is its curious call!

Story of the Photo

It took a bit of tracking down, but Dilum finally located this elusive owl right inside the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu. This half sleepy look is quite typical of an annoyed nocturnal bird being woken up by other territorial birds trying to get it to relocate.

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