The Majestic Tusker ‘Sando’ of Kumana

The Majestic Tusker ‘Sando’ of Kumana

Mahoora Tented Safari Camp - Yala National Park

Fun Facts

This picture of ‘Sando’ the male tusker was taken in Yala National Park - where he generally lives in block II. Sando is affectionately named after ‘Sando Stunt’ due to his larger than life stature.

Lesser Known Facts

During his musth period from May to August, Sando visits Yala black I to find a suitable female so tmate with. He gets pretty aggressive during this period, and tries to attack jeeps or anything that he may come across. Back in 2018, Sando had an altercation with our other tusker ‘Gemunu’ which resulted in Gemunu losing one of his tusks.

Where To Find Him

The 35 year old tusker resides mostly in Yala, in block II and also spends his time in the adjacent Kumana National Park.

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