Avian Vogue - January Edition

Avian Vogue - January Edition

We catch up with one of the smartest dressed birds on the globe

Decked out in his signature dark brown upper body, lighter underbelly, white tail and stylishly grey head, Chandler Wing - the scion of the Grey-headed Fish Eagle royal family - sat down for a few moments with us to share his holiday experience.

Q: I have to compliment you on your perfect look. Who are you wearing?

A: Why thank you. Actually, it’s an original. I grew this myself!

Q: Many others have tried to copy it. Do you find that vexing?

A: You’re referring to the Lesser and the Palla’s Fish Eagles? All I can say is, you can dress like me, walk, talk and act like me. You can be the next best thing, but you’ll never be me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!.

Fun Facts

Q: What is it about Northern Sri Lanka that makes it your favourite region?

A: It’s the fish. Somehow, this place has it all for me. Trees, fish-filled lakes and irrigation tanks, and perfect weather.

Q: Even though you are a piscivore, weren’t you spotted recently dining on a small reptile?

A: And that’s why Grey-headed Fish Eagles aren’t on the endangered list. Reptiles, birds and even small mammals, we eat them all. Adapt, survive and be fabulous!

Story of the Photo

The Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu has many lakes and irrigation tanks in close proximity and Dilum didn’t have to wander too far to capture a shot of this smartly dressed bird, scoping out its next meal.

Our Photographer :

Dilum Madushanka (@safari_sailor) is a Marine engineer by profession and his motto is “Six months in the Sea and Six months in the Jungle”. He is a nature enthusiast, with an uncanny ability to capture the best moments in the wild. His passion is to raise awareness about the fascinating great outdoors, through his photography and videography.

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