“Pardon me, is there room in your tent for two?”

“Pardon me, is there room in your tent for two?”

“Oh I say, your tent is rather large! The entire Junglefowl population of Yala could fit in here! But I digress, allow me to introduce myself, Wimalasena Worthington, the Sixth. I must apologise for my rather bedraggled appearance. I normally detest being out in the rain, but circumstances are such that I had to. I probably look like one of those common domestic chickens don’t I? I don’t? Oh you’re too kind. Well I suppose diverging from a common ancestor 2.8 million years ago does have its privileges. I’d rather be in the jungle soaking wet, but proudly independent, in this gorgeous orange and red plumage with purple-black wings, than be sheltered in a coop and decked out in drab white like those sellouts. I know they’re jealous. Especially of my golden mane, and my beautiful wattle. I mean, those plebs couldn’t even manage a splash of colour!”

Fun Facts

“Oh yes, the reason I’m out here. Well, it’s the eggs you see. They’ve hatched. I have a new brood and the little terrors are loud and hungry all the time. So loud! I just needed to get away from all that chirping for a while, even in this downpour. What’s that? Who’s looking after them? Ah, well my brothers of course. You see, we Junglefowl are Polyandrous. My wife and I are mated, as I am the Alpha Male, but the rest of the family group is formed by my brothers. So they forage for food and guard the nest. Takes a lot of responsibility off of me. Oh look, the rain is stopping. Time for me to go dry off and get back to my little... cherubs. Cheerio!”

Story of the photo

This gorgeous picture of a bedraggled Jungle Fowl was taken by Shiraz, right in front of his tent inside the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Yala. Even when it is soaking wet, the bird manages to pull off a stunning look!

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