“Make it look good ok?”

“Make it look good ok?”

Two Sri Lankan Elephants are locked in battle

Dude, the girls are watching. Make me look good. Ugh. Don’t hit me for real. Just do soft hits like when we used to play-wrestle as little calves. Nice hit, now lock trunks with me. Hey, remember when we used to thrash the dirt out of the grass clumps before eating? Do the same action and slap me. It’s a good thing we don’t have tusks, otherwise this would be difficult to coordinate and also be a bloody mess. Now let’s pull apart and stand at distance with our tails up and do some loud trumpeting. Don’t forget to flap your ears and shake your head too. It’s not just the girls, there are some people in jeeps too. We have to make this look good!

Fun Facts

Oh dude that was a good fight. I owe you one for making me look that good! A stalemate-finish to the fight, but the girls are swooning over us! Now I need food bro. I only had a light 20 kilo breakfast of bark, roots, leaves and stems. I have to make up the balance of 130 kilos somehow because I’ve been trying to bring up my weight from 2.5 tonnes and hit 3 tonnes. But it’s been slow going. Shall we go find some bananas or sugarcane? What? Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too? Oh yeah, that’s why I always stay close to a water source. Hey why don’t we hit that lake over there and cool off and have a nice lazy drink as well? Race you!

Story of the Photo

Elephants are regular visitors to the edge of all Mahoora Tented Safari Camp properties, as they are never disturbed there during their foraging runs. These warring elephants, however, were captured by Dilum in Minneriya National Park during an afternoon safari.

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