Diary of Fearsome Fangra, the Jungle Cat

Diary of Fearsome Fangra, the Jungle Cat

Day 90: I just wish mummy would just let me be, instead of watching over me all the time. I am the Fearsome Fangra and I will not be shackled!

Day 130: I like how we have different homes on different days. In a burrow one day, under a swamp rock another day, and then up in a tree hollow the next day!

Day 145: I got scolded for climbing up a tree and sunbathing there. Mummy got so worried. But it was such a cold day. I don’t know why she didn’t just join me.

Day 163: I caught my first mouse today! It may be small, but I’m getting there. Someday soon… it will be a big Sambar!

Day 175: Mummy and I did some people-watching today. We set off early to begin our night hunt and that’s when we saw the humans. So we stopped for a bit and I got to practice “The Stare”. Mummy does it so well. Soon, Fangra’s stare will strike fear in the hearts of all creatures!

Fun Facts

Day 190: Unlike my shackled, domesticated cousins.... I can swim! Hear me roar, fishdom! Cower in fear of the Fearsome Fangra! I finally don’t need mum to be around when I swim. Except to point out the mean crocs hiding in the lake.

Day 191: I bravely dove into the big lake and caught my first fish today. That’s how a real Jungle Cat does it! The fish was delicious and I shared it with mum. She was so proud!

Story of the Picture

After setting off on an evening safari in Udawalawe, Kushan was lucky enough to get a clear shot at this mum and child on the prowl inside the Park, not too far from from the Udawalawe..

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