What the…..!

What the…..!

A young Sri Lankan Leopard is startled awake

Aww man, I was having the most awesome dream! I took down a huge Sambar all by myself and I was just about to sink my teeth into that juicy rump and… I woke up. I wish I wasn’t a light sleeper. All the other leopards snooze away and aren’t bothered even if there are loads of jeeps driving past them. Me? I wake up if a Jungle Fowl clucks nearby. Maybe it’s because I’m still nervous about moving out of my mum’s territory and doing my own thing. The jungle can be a scary place for a young female, even if you are an apex predator. So sometimes I go hangout near the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp because it’s really peaceful over there.

Fun Facts

I wonder if I can add more dark spots and close-set rosettes on my body? The camouflage really helps with staying out of sight when I’m out hunting. Maybe if I could find a way to improve it, I could take down a Sambar, like in my dream. All I’ve managed so far are Barking Deer, Monkeys and some smaller animals and birds. But soon I will take down a Wild Boar and then who knows? Sambar for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Story of the Photo

Dilum was out on a safari in Yala, when he spotted the tell-tale sign of a leopard tail drooping down from a tree branch. This sweet young leopard was startled from her slumber and leaped to her feet when the jeep crept in for a closer look.

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