Happiness is a fat tree branch and a glorious sunset

Happiness is a fat tree branch and a glorious sunset

Where else would you go for the perfect end to a succulent meal?

The poster child for being the top of the food chain, the Sri Lankan Leopard can most often be found draped out on a rock or a broad tree branch. Unlike their cousins over in Africa, these leopards have no challengers to their throne or kills, so they can peacefully “dine-in” on the ground without having to do “take-away” to the treetops. In fact, treetops are strictly reserved for beauty naps and dignified posing for photographers.

Fun Facts

Almost impossible to pick out against the foliage thanks to the rosettes on their coats, these masters of camouflage are comically done in by the tell-tale sign of their drooping tail, so keep an eye out while you’re driving by! Maybe one day they’ll figure out how safari goers are tracking them down and finally pull up their tails, but here’s hoping they never do. If you'd rather not spend your time staring intently at the trees to spot these gorgeous creatures, you can take the easy way out and make an early morning start from a Mahoora Tented Safari Camp situated on the borders of the Yala and Wilpattu National Parks and watch them walking nonchalantly along the trails inside.

Story of the photo

This lazy, juvenile sungazer was spotted at Yala National Park in mid-February 2020, towards the end of an evening safari. Kushan’s eagle eyes spotted the tell-tale swing of the leopard’s tail as they passed by and a short wait was rewarded with this fantastic shot.

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