Seriously, a photo? Now?

Getting soaked can put anyone in a grumpy mood, especially the Sri Lankan Brown Fish Owl - the poster bird for an eternal love-hate relationship with water.

Although it’s habitat and food supply are highly dependent on water, these birds hate getting wet. Even when they’re swooping down on an unsuspecting fish or a delectably plump frog, the Brown Fish Owl doesn’t like to get anything more than its feet wet. The most it will do, if the conditions are right, is waddle in the shallows and grab some easy lunch. Fortunately for avid bird watchers, its dependence on water and its preference to hunt in daylight presents excellent sighting opportunities around the waterholes close to the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Wilpattu..

Fun Facts

Owls are generally regarded as the “silent-death-from-above” types, but the Sri Lankan Brown Fish Owl lacks certain feather formations that keep things quiet, so it is a bit of a noisy chap when it takes off, as well as when it flies. Since it hunts during the day, it relies a lot more on vision than hearing; so the next time you come across this amazing creature and it turns those gorgeous golden eyes on you, yes it really is evaluating and judging you!

Story of the Photo

This disdainful look was directed at Hasitha, from Encounters Asia (a DMC under the Eco Team Group), for daring to capture its ignominy on a rainy day in the Wilpattu National Park. The poor bird was so wet, that the little ear tufts on either side of its head were matted down. But any sighting is a good sighting and this one is a great look at a less-than-glamorous moment in this bird's life!

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