Whaaa, who… why’d you wake me?

Whaaa, who… why’d you wake me?

A sleepy Emerald Dove is awakened

“I was having such a nice nap. Unlike other birds who bum about in trees, we mostly use trees to sleep. So next time you see one of us in the trees, tread lightly. Oh you’re one of those people who likes to watch birds. Dodgy habit if you ask me, anyways, I suppose you want to know stuff about me. Well we’re more or less like the rest of the pigeon world, except that we are way more colourful. Bright emerald green back and wings, dark vinous pink head and underparts, bright red bill, and reddish-brown legs. I dare say we’re the best looking of the bunch!”

Fun Facts

“We’ve done quite well for ourselves, none of that endangered nonsense. If there are tropical forests, wet woodlands, farms or mangroves you can bet we’re there. Lots of fallen fruit, seeds and juicy plants in those areas you see and it’s easy to make nests there too. Just chuck a few twigs together high up in the trees strong enough to hold 2 eggs, and you’re done! It also helps that we like to hang about it in groups. I think that has helped a lot in growing our population. Right, enough chit-chat, off you go. I need my siesta!”

Story of the Photo

Usually found rooting around on the ground for food, this sleepy dove was photographed by Dilum within the premises of the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Yala.

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