Adapt to survive! - Part 3

Adapt to survive! - Part 3

The survival guru’s son takes over lessons to the animals

“My dad, Rodney the Changeable Hawk Eagle, is away, but he left me with the lesson plan. Those of you who are not CHE’s are wondering why I look so different from my dad. That’s because juvenile CHE’s have pale bodies with light brown tail feathers. We don’t get the delicious dark chocolate coloured feathers till we’re much older. I do have this awesome white-tipped black crest though, which I think is very cool because not all CHE’s have them. Dad said he covered this in his ’Camouflage!’ lesson last year and he hopes that you all have been practising your camouflaged looks!”

Fun Facts

“Scream if you want to eat! No no, not now. When you’re out hunting. Dad told you to hunt everything you see to survive, right? Lizards, mammals, other birds etc. Well, when you get close to your prey screech like this ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-keee. It strikes fear in their hearts and stops them dead in their tracks! By the way, the most efficient way to hunt is to perch bolt upright on a branch, and dive on the unsuspecting prey as it passes under you. The screech works wonders in that situation. Screeching can also help you find a mate, or so I have been told by dad. I plan to put this skill to good use next year!”

Story of the Photo

This gorgeous shot of a juvenile Changeable Hawk Eagle, was photographed on the borders of the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Udawalawe by Dilum on a morning nature walk. These birds are often spotted in the trees close to the camp as there are many water sources closeby, which attract the hawks’ favourite prey.

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