Have you seen this leopard?

Have you seen this leopard?

A famous Sri Lankan Leopard goes missing

Welcome back, wildlife conspiracy fans! Today we are examining the story of Mr. J. He fights elephants! He can fly through the air! He is actually a demon in leopard form! Many legendary stories, but who really is or was this mysterious Mr. J? Here’s what we know: Mr. J was no doubt the King of Yala National Park. He earned his reputation by defeating rival male after rival male over the years. He hunted prey such as Barking Deer and Monkeys on a whim, swatted away charging Wild Boars with a single swipe of his mighty paw and fearlessly took down huge Sambar when he truly wanted to feast. But well into his 10th year, this ruler with an iron fist and undisputed romancer of the ladies… vanished!

Mysterious facts

Some have reported that he was seen badly wounded. But who in Yala is brave enough to take on the huge and mighty Mr. J? It’s been 2 weeks since that “sighting” and Mr. J has not been seen since. Did he actually lose a fight to another male over territory? Or did he win, but at a terrible cost? Or did he get bored of Yala and grow the size of all his black rosettes on his fur so that he turned black-as-night and is secretly the Black Leopard that has been spotted elsewhere in the country? The only thing we know, is that we may never know

Story of the PhotoWhilst staying at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp in Yala last year, Dilum was out on a morning safari when he spotted the mighty Mr. J and got this great shot of the fearsome leopard. Although the fight was never witnessed, the stories of his injuries have been corroborated by reliable sources. Some are expecting the worst, but many still hope that this majestic beast will recover soon and once again be spotted doing his slow prowl through the jungle.

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