The Mugger Crocodile of Udawalawe

The Mugger Crocodile of Udawalawe

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Fun Facts

The mugger crocodile gets its name from the way its teeth are placed. The mugger crocodile’s top and bottom set of teeth tend to overhang when it closes its mouth, unlike the American alligator, who in comparison shows only its top teeth when its mouth is closed. Another fun facts about these crocodiles are that the males are polygynous, where only one male will mate with multiple females.

Lesser Known Facts

The mugger crocodile, also known as the ‘Marsh crocodile’ is a croc of medium to large size with a broadset snout of all living members of the genus Crocodylus. They look more like alligators than any other crocodile, especially with their rounded snout as most crocodiles are known to have pointy and straight edged snouts.

Like most other crocodiles, muggers too feature a flat head where their eyes, ears and nose are placed on top, making it easier for them to see, hear and breathe above water when their bodies are submerged in water.

Where To Find Him

The mugger crocodiles can be found in the Indian subcontinent, including Sri Lanka in the East, Iran in the West and Pakistan and Nepal in the North. This species is found in freshwater lakes, marshes and ponds and over time has adapted well to surviving in reservoirs, man-made ponds, irrigation canals and coastal saltwater lagoons.

The mugger crocodiles prefer shallow bodies of water, with the water no more than 5 meters deep and it avoids fast flowing rivers. Muggers may sometimes bury themselves into the mud to avoid the searing heat during the dry season.

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