Hungry! Thirsty! Mum!

Hungry! Thirsty! Mum!

An excited little Sri Lankan Elephant calf wants attention

Phew! I needed that drink. It’s been almost an hour since my last one. The crazy thing is, every time I drink, I feel a bit stronger, taller and faster. Maybe it’s my imagination, or maybe, it’s because of that protein thingy which mum says there’s a lot of, in the milk. She says that if I keep drinking, my trunk will be strong enough to pick up grass and leaves for me to eat! That sounds delicious, so I’m doing my best and drinking milk 10 times-a-day, a litre at a time! I can’t wait for the day when my trunk can pick up tree trunks like my mum and aunts do. They make it look so easy!

Fun Facts

I’m only two months old! Haha, I know, I look a lot older - the camera adds 10 pounds! I can’t wait to grow up. Right now, the herd moves slowly and only short distances, because the other calves and I can’t do much. They’re so patient with us. But I’m impatient! I want to explore all of Udawalawe National Park - that’s my home - and I want to explore the nearby National Parks - Yala, Bundala and Kumana - too! Mum says I can do all that after I’m 2 years old. Until then I have to do what she says. That’s going to take forever! Hmmm, feeling a bit peckish. Have I been talking for an hour? Wonder where mum is… talk to you later, bye!

Story of the Photo

This excitable little bundle of joy was taking a break from running around when Dilum got this great shot. Udawalawe National Park is famous for its large elephant population, and guests at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp can often encounter them when a herd wanders over to feed on the outskirts of the camp.

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