I am a Rinshi Beast and I must destroy the Power Rangers!

I am a Rinshi Beast and I must destroy the Power Rangers!

“Honey wake up, wake up, you’re not a Rinshi whatever, you’re an Indian Pangolin living in Sri Lanka and what’s more, you’re scaring Junior!”

Mama: Ooh I had the strangest dream. I was fighting these weird humans called Power Rangers and I was giant sized, fearless and I had all these superpowers!

Papa: chuckles This is what happens when you go to sleep on an empty stomach. Tell you what, I found a nice termite mound not too far from here. Why don’t you tell Junior and me all about it while we grab some breakfast?

Mama: Alright, but did you scope out the route to make sure that no predators are around? Junior hasn’t quite perfected the art of rolling up into a tight armoured ball like we do to protect himself.

Papa: All sorted, there’s plenty of cover. He can ride on your back like he always does.

Fun Facts

Junior: Dad, dad, dad! Look how far my tongue rolls out!

Dad: Haha yes and it’s only going to get longer son. We Pangolins have tongues that are longer than our torsos. Makes it easier to get that juicy fat termite hiding deep in that burrow!

Junior: Ok dad, I’m done eating. Can I climb that tall tree now? You promised I could after breakfast.

Dad: Alright, just for a bit, but then you come right down and snuggle up in the burrow ok?

Junior: Cool, thanks dad!

Story of the Picture

These shy creatures prefer a quiet environment, such as the ones around the Mahoora Camps in YalaMahoora Camps in Yala or Udawalawe. But, surprisingly, this Indian Pangolin couple was spotted by wildlife photographer Kushan Jayasundara, quite close to a populated area, near his ancestral home in Udugama, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

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